Peter Tiflinsky was born in Ukraine in 1977 and quickly moved to the United States with his family following the American Dream. His determination as a child, to start a business that his family can benefit from, for generations became his focus. Today, Peter Tiflinsky is the owner of Premier Developers for over 20 years, branched out of Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, and has built residential homes and buildings across the better New Jersey area.

His expertise in customer satisfaction along with the quality of craftsmanship sets him aside. Working hand in hand with all professionals, and having an eye for interior design, Peter’s dedication is truly demonstrated in all final projects. The undivided attention to detail, and selection of styles and latest trends, make Premier Developers one of the leading builders in the area.

Over the course of 20 years, Peter Tiflinsky is responsible for the development of hundreds of custom homes, 15 residential buildings and is known to be a consistent, ready, and able buyer; He continues to successfully climb the ladder in the development industry.

Peter Tiflinsky/Premier Developers also welcomes other related ventures to broaden market opportunities; expanding into new neighborhoods, including the Big Apple, New York City, and adding roughly 200 rentals in 2017 to his portfolio for outstanding results. His face is well known at local zoning and planning board hearings.

Peter has also invested in other successful businesses not related to real estate.

He currently resides in Fort Lee, New Jersey, and is the proud father of two children along with his beautiful wife Sabrina.